ABC News Uses Propaganda to Push Soviet-Style Government Control

ABC News Uses Propaganda to Push Soviet-Style Government Control

Since the Left has elevated the mask to a level of religious icon – the latest CDC guidelines are throwing liberals into a tizzy fit.

Most far left radicals are having a hard time letting go of their mask clinging. In fact, many are publicly declaring they will continue to wear masks despite the latest CDC guidelines.

Like David Hogg on Twitter:

and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Instagram:

So onward the Left pushes for more governmental control.

With the fully vaccinated now allowed to move about the public without a mask, the power and control-obsessed liberal media were left squirming as the country began to go back to normal. And despite the science that showed that the vaccinated were not a threat and the unvaccinated that would take advantage of the honor system were just putting themselves at risk, ABC’s Good Morning America spent part of Sunday’s newscast calling for a Soviet-style “passport” system to make people share their status.

Co-anchor Eva Pilgrim kicked off the segment by suggesting “the CDC’s latest guidance on who should be wearing masks” had caused “some confusion.” Correspondent Trevor Ault built off of her by nothing that there were “Crowds of many maskless people packed together here in New York. It was something that would have been anxiety-inducing not too long ago.

And although he said the gatherings were “celebratory,” he griped: “However, with millions of people not yet fully vaccinated, these steps have created some new burdens.”

Ault started the video portion of the report by looking on nervously as maskless people were enjoying their lives and freedom in New Orleans and Las Vegas.

This fake news report was so obviously flawed with bias, as Ault did not ever interview any business owners who were happy with the mask mandates being lifted. Or, at least, those folks were left on the editing room floor.

The segment went on to “peddle the Soviet-style passport” system that many radical liberals want.

“Some states might try to provide an answer. Oregon may soon require businesses to verify a customer’s vaccination status before allowing them to go maskless,” crowed Ault proudly.

News Busters

Calls for a passport system like what was in the Soviet Union coming from ABC might have something to do with the Disney corporation (that owns ABC.) The parent company may want to demand vaccine passports at their amusement parks, thus the propaganda from ABC.

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