Biden Administration Busted Flip-Flopping On This VITAL Issue

Biden Administration Busted Flip-Flopping On This VITAL Issue

You may have heard about Joe Biden’s tweet over the last few days which very clearly made getting vaccinated an ultimatum if people don’t want to be social pariahs in America.

It was the most perfect example of political theater by a dictator that the U.S. has ever seen.

What you may not have heard, though, is how the Biden administration was just caught flip-flopping on that exact issue. Michael Martina and the Epoch Times staff write,

The United States stands with Honduras and condemns the “cynical use” of COVID-19 vaccines for political purposes, the State Department said, after Taiwan blasted China for seeking to use vaccines to make diplomatic inroads with one of Taipei’s allies.

Honduras, among a small number of Latin American countries to maintain diplomatic ties with Taiwan, has said it was considering opening an office in China in a bid to acquire much-needed COVID-19 shots, prompting Taipei to criticize Beijing for pushing a vaccine-for-recognition deal.

Several Latin American nations are receiving Chinese vaccines, but countries such as Honduras and Guatemala that have built ties with democratic Taiwan—which Beijing considers a breakaway province—are not.

“We condemn the cynical use of potentially life-saving medical assistance to advance the narrow political agendas of certain donors,” a State Department spokesman told Reuters without mentioning China when asked about the situation involving Honduras.

Martina and the Epoch Times staff continue:

China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman,Hua Chunying, responded at a daily news conference in Beijing on Friday, accusing the United States of double standards and of hoarding vaccines while not assisting other countries.

So, just so you’re clear, here’s what is going on. Joe Biden says that all U.S. citizens must be vaccinated, but his administration condemns China for using vaccines to manipulate countries and their populations.

Sounds like pure hypocrisy to me, but that’s nothing new from this administration, is it?

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