BREAKING: One State’s Announcement Will Make Liberals Heads EXPLODE

BREAKING: One State’s Announcement Will Make Liberals Heads EXPLODE

An announcement made on Twitter today (May 17, 2021) by the Governor of one red state will have leftists’ heads exploding (hopefully, for their sake, only figuratively).

Texas Governor Greg Abbott faced huge criticism from the woke leftist crowd when he announced that he was lifting all CoVid-19 restrictions in the state. He made an announcement on Twitter today that will both freak out and confuse people who religiously follow Fauci and Biden like they’re saints. Zachary Stieber writes,

The state of Texas recorded zero deaths among people with COVID-19 on May 16 for the first time since March 2020, Gov. Greg Abbott said.

“Today Texas reported: 0 Covid related deaths—the only time that’s happened since data was tracked in March, 2020,” the Republican said on Twitter.

A dashboard run by the Texas Department of State Health Services shows zero newly reported fatalities; the last reported deaths among those with COVID-19 were on May 12, when two people died.

Texas also on May 16 saw the fewest COVID-19 cases in over 13 months, the lower seven-day COVID-19 positive rate ever, and the lower number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in 11 months, Abbott said.

According to state officials, 388 cases were newly confirmed, with another 208 probable, or believed but not confirmed, cases notched.

People who have completely bought into the CoVid-19 propaganda over the last fourteen months will say that there is no way that these numbers can be real when states that are still locking down hard (I’m looking at you, California and Michigan) still show horrible rates of new CoVid-19 cases and deaths.

How can you explain it if lockdowns and masking are the solution to the pandemic crisis? You can’t.

Maybe it’s time that more people paid attention to all of the science and not just the propaganda of Fauci and his minions. But, maybe, that’s too much to hope for in our current cancel culture climate of division pushed by those very same propagandists.

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