Could Dr. Fauci Be Criminally Charged?

Could Dr. Fauci Be Criminally Charged?

#FauciGate is trending.

For good reason – Fauci’s published emails reveal disturbing evidence that he knew about the Wuhan Institute’s “gain of function” research that was at least partially funded by U.S. tax dollars. Fauci approved all of this.

And the evidence increasingly leans toward the COVID-19 virus came from the Wuhan virology laboratory in China.

Some politicians are now calling for Dr. Fauci to resign.

And Biden may already be working on this:

Okay, so if Fauci resigns, is that it? Does he get to go home and act like nothing happened?

Or will there be consequences?

Senator Rand Paul has been one of the few in Congress to ask Fauci tough questions since early 2020.

Paul recently appeared on The Laura Ingraham Show on Fox News and had this to say about Dr. Fauci’s future:

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