Got First Stimulus? Bad News, You Might Not Get The Second One

Got First Stimulus? Bad News, You Might Not Get The Second One

Most of the rules remain the same with the second stimulus check, but some people won’t qualify. Here’s what’s going on now.

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The $600-per-person total of the second stimulus check could work against you.

The result of some decently complex stimulus-check math is that more people will phase out of qualifying for a stimulus check payment, especially if they don’t have children 16 and under, the designated age for a qualified dependent.

Dependents between the ages of 17 and 24 are left out once again

Non Resident Alien Clause

If you’re a “nonresident alien,” you would not be eligible for a second stimulus check. The government defines a nonresident alien as someone who “has not passed the green card test or the substantial presence test.” 

‘Nonresident aliens’ with a spouse who’s a US citizen could now qualify for a second check

People with overdue child support won’t be automatically disqualified this time

The current law wouldn’t prohibit people in jail or prison from getting the second stimulus payment

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