Got your $600 stimulus check? Make sure the IRS sent the right amount

Got your $600 stimulus check? Make sure the IRS sent the right amount

Here’s what we know.

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If you already have your second stimulus check, you’re one of the lucky majority who got their money before the Jan. 15 deadline imposed in the stimulus bill. And if you’re one of the millions who either have yet to receive their stimulus payment, or who got caught up in the IRS delivery error, stick around. This applies to you, too. Our stimulus check calculator below will help you estimate how much money you probably should be getting and help you flag any discrepancies that you may need to follow up on with the IRS.

After you’ve estimated your payment, use the IRS’ tool to see the status of your payment and a post office service to track your paper check directly to your mailbox. Working out the size of your new stimulus check can get complicated, especially since Congress changed some of the rules around who is eligible for a payment with this second round.

For example, there’s a lower income limit this time (you’ll need your adjusted gross income to figure that out) and new rules affecting people with “nonresident alien” status, which could prevent you from getting a check even if you got one the first payment. Dependents aged 17 to 24, along with most adult dependents, were once again left out completely. If the amount in your new, “$600” stimulus check isn’t correct, you may need to try to claim a make-up check on your taxes using the IRS’ Recovery Rebate Credit. (Here’s what to know about a $2,000 third stimulus check.) This story updates often.


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