Governor At RISK Of Losing Position

Governor At RISK Of Losing Position

He should have done a better job.

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Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin is campaigning against Governor Andrew Cuomo and has included a potential reason why Cuomo will lose re-election.

Zeldin states that many Democrats in New York are disillusioned with the far-left policies of the current Democratic leadership.

He says, “You have Democrats who feel like their party’s left them. We have AOC-type Democrats who are far-left, and they support the defund the police movement. They don’t support law enforcement, they like tax hikes, and they have no problem with the fact that not all of our kids are yet fully back in school.”

“But I’ll tell you what, there are a whole lot of Democrats who aren’t happy with the leadership of Bill de Blasio in New York City or Andrew Cuomo and the outsized influence of self-described socialists in charge in Albany.”

“More people are hitting their breaking point, and they’re saying, ‘I’m more mobile than ever. I’m out of here. I’m fleeing for other parts.’ Are there enough Republicans — just Republicans? No, but there are enough pissed off New Yorkers who are really angry. They’re really frustrated, and they want to save the state. They’re hungry for it, and everyone everywhere is all in, across party lines. Yeah, the votes are there when you look at across the board.”

The disillusioned Democrats will probably vote Republican if none of their choices for Democrat suit their fancy.

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Souce: Breitbart

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