Here’s a Clue on Trump’s Possible Running Mate

Here’s a Clue on Trump’s Possible Running Mate

Donald Trump is teasing a run in 2024, and I don’t know if you have noticed, but he seems to be ramping things up gradually toward running.

At this point, from everything Trump has said or done, my prediction is he will likely be the GOP nominee in 2024.

Of course, he has NOT made this official. Trump’s quest to get back to the White House in ’24 is speculation on my part.

A recent clue to all this is how Trump’s been talking publicly about running mates.

He was asked on Fox News point blank if Mike Pence would be his running mate again. Trump was coy in his answer: “I don’t know, it’s really too soon to tell.”

The 45th President has let it be known that he is not pleased with Pence to this day.

Trump said he has a very good relationship with Pence but made it clear he still thinks the former vice president made a terrible decision on Jan. 6.

Trump is still angry about Pence’s refusal to object to the Electoral College votes on Jan. 6 that certified Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.

Conservative Brief

When you look at what Trump is saying about Pence, along with how Pence appears to be gearing up his own campaign for POTUS (and killing his chances in the process), we can conclude that the chances of Pence rejoining Trump’s ticket as VP are slim.

Let’s hope President Trump wants to get back in the fight!

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