Is This China’s Secret Plan To ELIMINATE Political Opponents?

Is This China’s Secret Plan To ELIMINATE Political Opponents?

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a history of being ruthless. From Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward,” which killed tens of millions of people, to reports that the CCP allowed flights out of Wuhan to other countries while preventing flights from Wuhan to other locations in China, the CCP has been trying for decades to kill people who disagree with them.

Now, reports coming out of Thailand may indicate new efforts from the CCP to kill off people that they disagree with. Alex Wu writes,

Recently, 26 members of the Thai national women’s volleyball team tested positive after receiving injections of Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines, which led to the team withdrawing from the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) 2021.

Thailand has purchased a large amount of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines and withdrawn its team from the VNL, which will be held in Italy from May 25 to June 19. The Thai women’s volleyball team currently ranks 15th in the world.

All the members and staff of the women’s volleyball team received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine made by Chinese state-owned company Sinovac on April 29.

On May 12, 22 players and 4 staffers tested positive for COVID-19 in a pre-match test and were sent to the hospital for observation and treatment.

While these players may still be able to play, some people will likely view this situation as an effort by the CCP to spread CoVid-19 to other nations to, hopefully, weaken those nations and wipe out opposition.

Again, from Wu:

A local doctor pointed out that according to a Chilean trial study, the protection rate of the Chinese vaccine was only 16 percent effective after the first injection after 2 weeks, and 2 weeks after the second injection it increased to 67 percent.

16% after the first injection? That’s pretty low compared to other vaccines which have a protection rate of up to 70% after first injection which increases to up to 75% with the second injection.

Sounds like an inferior product to me. Or maybe a way to get people to spread the virus because they think that they’re safe after that first injection.

But, maybe people are wrong, and the CCP doesn’t have homicidal intentions toward other nations. What do you think? Tell us below.

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