“The View” Host STUNS Fauci After Saying THIS

“The View” Host STUNS Fauci After Saying THIS

She makes a great point.

“The View” host Meghan McCain recently set her sights on Dr. Fauci and asked if he really believed in science. She argued that though he is telling people to get the vaccine, he is also advocating for wearing a mask despite being vaccinated.

McCain said, “They’re talking about trusting the science which Republicans are told trust the science about things like climate change all the time. Now liberals aren’t doing it when it comes to the COVID vaccine.”

“One of the people not doing it is Dr. Fauci. He said he wouldn’t travel or eat at restaurants despite the fact he has been fully vaccinated. The CDC guidance says it’s safe for vaccinated people taking precautions to eat in restaurants and travel.”

“On the other side, we are now embracing policies that aren’t science or evidence based. If people want to live in their homes for forever and not go out and you want to wear a mask forever, that’s totally fine.”

Does Fauci actually not believe in the efficacy of the vaccine? If he did he wouldn’t tell vaccinated people to continue wearing masks.

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Source: DailyCaller

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