Trump wants Congress to approve more $1,200 stimulus checks

Trump wants Congress to approve more $1,200 stimulus checks
  • President Donald Trump has indicated he wants Congress to approve a stand-alone bill that would authorize a second round of $1,200 checks.

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  • While both sides of the aisle have shown support for such aid, it could still be tricky to bypass politics and get that approval so close to the election.

President Donald Trump is calling for Congress to move on approving a second round $1,200 stimulus checks to millions of Americans.

But don’t count the money just yet.

The president tweeted on Tuesday night he supports stand-alone legislation to authorize those payments. That was a reversal from his position earlier in the day, when he said he wanted Washington lawmakers to hold off on stimulus negotiations until after the election.

Trump has also called for other stand-alone legislation to provide $25 billion to help the airline industry and $135 billion for additional Paycheck Protection Program loans to small businesses.

It’s unclear, however, whether that call to action from the commander in chief will encourage the divided parties to come together and approve more one-time payments.

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