Laura Ingraham Has 2 Perfect Words for Biden’s COVID Posse

Laura Ingraham Has 2 Perfect Words for Biden’s COVID Posse


Those are the two perfect words FOX’s Laura Ingraham used to describe Biden and his COVID clique.

And she’s right on the money.

It now feels like it’s not about the virus but about maintaining control just a bit longer…taking away just one more personal liberty.

As the CDC is adjusting the COVID-19 guidelines to the lowering numbers, some of Biden’s “experts” are pushing for new restrictions that would give them even more control, like vaccine passports.

INGRAHAM: What has been done to Americans by these people is disgraceful —  neither the “science” nor commonsense we should have by now has ever supported THE Democrats Covid controls…. Of course, Biden’s media apologists haven’t a shred of integrity, they’re never going to admit they’re wrong. They’ll never call out Fauci or the CDC…they’ll just pretend it’s time to celebrate this incredible mask milestone!

Fox News

And they’re using well-known leftist propaganda techniques to push their agenda.

The one that stands out is confusing people through vague language and mixed messages.

The worst part is that the mainstream media is going along with the charade and refusing to ask questions of substance.

Questions like: “What’s the purpose of a vaccine passport if it’s not medical surveillance?”

Instead, it feels like it’s a matter of time before Jake Tapper asks Fauci about his favorite color.

Thank God for people like Laura Ingraham.

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