Who Should Worry About Breakthrough COVID?

Who Should Worry About Breakthrough COVID?

In a sea of new COVID terminology that the CDC bombards us with, one stands out – ‘breakthrough COVID.’

It’s a term used for coronavirus cases that happen in fully vaccinated people.

In a press briefing Tuesday, Dr. Rochelle Walensky (the CDC director) answered questions about why the agency is now only monitoring breakthrough COVID that resulted in hospitalization or death.

The agency also discontinued reporting breakthrough case counts on its webpage. As of April 26, the latest available information, the CDC recorded 9,245 breakthrough infections amid a backdrop of over 95 million fully vaccinated Americans. Over half of cases were among women, 45% involved people over 60, and nearly a third were listed as asymptomatic infections. Less than 10% resulted in hospitalization, and there were 132 deaths (1%).

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Breakthrough COVID happens in one of two scenarios:

1 – When you get infected after getting vaccinated but before your body was able to develop a robust immune response

2 – When the vaccine simply doesn’t work (in about 6% of cases, according to official data)

The problem with only tracking ‘serious’ breakthrough cases is that it leaves too much room for speculation.

The CDC’s weird tracking shift raises eyebrows, especially as Fauci and the gang continue to push for vaccine passports and more control.

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